Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Piako Rua

Ryan and Ruth enjoyed playing a card game with the children in Piako Rua.

Playground fun

Andrew loves riding the scooter around the track at lunchtime.


We had to copy a pattern from the whiteboard into the hoops.
We are getting very good at this activity, and now we see who can do it the fastest.

Pssssst......... and Karina isn't the fastest!!!!

The Dog and the Mog.

Last week, Kaye Arnott and Laura Wenden Green came to Riverdale school to share a new book with us.
It is called "The Dog and the Mog"
Mrs Arnott wrote the book and Mrs Wenden Green illustrated it.
There was a  Colouring/Art competition that children could participate in.
Flynn received a prize for his picture of the dog.

This is Patiki's finished Artwork.

Fine Motor skills

We had fun threading beads onto feathers and then we made some funny characters using pipe cleaners and beads.


We are learning how to weave using lots of different textures and mediums.

Sad to see Tracey go.......

Our friend Tracey has been helping us with our learning for
3 years. She has gone now to experience new opportunities.
Tracey was very kind and caring to us and we will miss her.