Sunday, July 21, 2019

Right Choice day Term 2.

Tyla and Adam getting ready to watch the movie.

Flynn, Jayden and Jermaine enjoyed the popcorn the most.

Pou was very proud of his Lightening  McQueen Box car.

He Ara Kotahi bridge.

We went to look at the new bridge that goes across the Manawatu river. The bridge is 195 metres long.
We had lots of fun going across the bridge and being able to see the river underneath us.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cultural Day

This term we celebrated all the different cultures we have at our school. 
 Jermaine came as an All Black.
 Blake draped himself in a silver fern flag.
 Jayden came as a very cute little Dutch boy.

Adam wore his Moroccan scarf and coat.
Tyla donned a NZ beanie.

Art Expo - Classroom display

Here you can see the other things we made for the Art Expo.
We made bookmarks inspired by the Artwork of Sally Trace, a Collage banner, and our favourite, Crazy characters, made with pipe cleaners,straws and foam bits.

Art Expo - Modelling clay

 First we had to roll our modelling clay out. 

 Then we pressed leaves into our clay.

 Next step was painting them.

All that was left to do was admire our finished products.

Art Expo - Batik

We made coasters from our finished pieces of dyed calico.